宮本章太郎(Vo, Gt, Dr)と、淡路翔子(Vo, Gt, Syn, Per)によるミニマム編成で、サイケ、プログレ、オルタナ、ジャズ、ポップあらゆる音楽を飲み込んだ、双頭一身のミュージックモンスター。


現在は、宮本章太郎+淡路翔子、時々+α でライブをしながら、自主レーベルJaco’s Hat Recordsの運営など、グッドミュージックを探す旅を続けている。

Nayuta is a duo comprised of Shotaro Miyamoto (Vo, Gt, Dr) and Shoko Awaji (Vo, Gt, Syn, Per), Minimal Ensemble is a two-headed musical monster that encompasses psychedelic, progressive, alternative, jazz, and pop genres, absorbing a wide spectrum of music.

Formed in Takarazuka in 2003, they have released numerous works over the years. Despite undergoing changes in their band members, they have captivated the hearts of music enthusiasts around the world, performing live extensively in Japan, the United States, Canada, and Taiwan.

Currently, Shotaro Miyamoto + Shoko Awaji, occasionally joined by additional members, continue to perform live. They also operate their independent record label, Jaco’s Hat Records, as they continue their journey in search of great music.

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