nayuta youtube live streaming!

9:00 PM
nayuta youtube live streaming!

We’re going to live streaming performance on 22nd Dec 2022 9PM JST from Jaco’s Hat Records home atelier.

Profile : Nayuta is a Japanese rock band formed in Osaka, in 2003. The band consists of guitarist Shotaro Miyamoto, keyboardist and guitarist Shoko Awaji, and drummer Kiyoshi Kawakita all of whom perform vocals.

Their impressive mixed male/female chorus work is one of their main features sounds. Nayuta’s music blends elements of a wide variety of genres, including, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, jazz, blues, ethnic music, electronic music, and pop.

The latest album “ripeto” has been released as their first analog vinyl in 2022 from Jaco’s Hat Records.

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